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Vespa VBC

Custom Vespa from Star Vespa:

We have come up with the Star Vespa Custom Vespa range. We have carefully picked and chosen from the styles and accessories of this wonderful era – in some ways we have toned it down a little to suit modern tastes – but by all means you have a free hand with a Star Vespa scooters Vespa. We can add as many extras as you wish.

The custom is based on the Vespa Super. A great scooter with improved performance, handling, braking and reliability when compared to the earlier (standard) Vbb sportique.

We have customized our custom’s in the following ways:

– Vespa GS side panels.
– Vespa GS front mudguard.
– Vespa GS handlebars.
– Vespa Acma chrome plated seat frame and seat springs.
– Vespa Acma pillbox rear light.
– Chrome plated Stainless Steel deluxe dual legshield surround.
– Chrome plated Stainless Steel deluxe front mudguard crash guard.
– Chrome plated Stainless Steel deluxe side panel crash guards.
– Chrome plated Stainless Steel deluxe floor runners.
– Chrome plated Stainless steel headlight peak.
– Chrome plated stainless steel hubcaps.
– Chrome plated wheels x 3.
– Chrome plated upper engine cowl.
– Chrome plated lower engine cowl.
– Chrome plated airbox cover.
– Stainless steel Star Vespa hornet performance exhaust (muffler).
– 12v conversion.

We also finish with the finest, richest, deepest metallic colors available. All our customs are painted with colors from the following prestige vehicle manufacturers.

Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and BMW.

The scooters undergo the usual highest standard restorations- please click here to find out why ours scooters are world leading in terms of standards.